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Hand fabricated ring in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold is set with a boulder opal doublet that is a deep cobalt blue with accents of green. This ring says "Hello Blue!"
14k yellow gold wraps around the boulder opal doublet with a rim of sterling silver beaded texture and set upon a satin finish band that measures 4mm in width.
On the sides are two, 1.75mm Montana green sapphires that are set flush within 14k recycled yellow gold balls that also have a beaded texture.
Ring size 6 3/4.
  • Gold and Sterling Silver Care

    I recommend cleaning your sterling silver and gold  jewelry with dish soap diluted with water to remove oils and dirt.  Clean with a soft cotton cloth or a soft toothbrush.  Rinse clean with warm water and pat dry.  If the piece becomes heavily tarnished then try a silver polishing cloth or contact us to bring your piece to like new appearance.


    Caring for your Boulder Opal Doublet:  The Boulder Opal Doublet is just as strong as a solid Boulder Opal but because the layer of Boulder Opal has been glued to a piece of Ironstone, the opal should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic or be submerged in a water substance for a long period of time.  Wipe over the opal with a soft cotton cloth and soapy water.


    Can I wear my Opal everyday?  Opals are softer and may be more susceptable to scratching or chipping if not worn with care.  It is recommended to remove your opal item when doing activites that may cause wear to your cleaning, dishes, gardening, biking, swimming, rock climbing (just a few examples).  Opals can dull over time just from wearing everyday so your Opal may require repolishing over time to bring back the luster like the day you first got it.

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