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A trio of rings and the symbolism it represents.

Jewelry is very personal and often brings a feeling...a memory or a special connection.

I was asked to create three identical rings for a gift for an individual's wife and two daughters. It needed to be a design that would appeal to a young girl on up to a mom in her 40's. This is what I came up...sterling silver bands with a little texture set with a small diamond in a 14k rose gold bezel. Inside each band has their own initials engraved.

I love being behind the scenes on project....creating a special surprise. I think I love even more how involved the giver can be during the process, love and compassion shows through and it makes me smile.

When these rings are worn by these three gals they can look at their rings and feel that special connection to each other and smile as well as they think of their thoughtful husband/dad that gifted them the rings.


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