Sterling silver formed into a cuff and blackened gives this bracelet a bold and unique look.  A bright sterling silver bar has been added to the top of the 3mm rounded cuff for a fun contrast.  The solid silver bar measures approximatly 1 inch in length and has a beaded texture that I applied by hand to add a bit of sparkle.  


The blackened silver will wear with you wear this cuff parts of the blackened color will wear off and bits of the sterling silver will show through which gives this bracelet even more character.


This cuff is made in a medium size but also works well for a small sized wrist by bending the cuff for a tighter fit.

  • Care instructions

    To preserve the blackened silver it is suggested not to clean it in a silver cleaner because it will remove the blackened surface coloring.  A brief rinse in soapy warm water and a gentle pat dry would be the best way to clean this bracelet.  The blackened appearance is created by applying Liver of Sulfer which heavily oxidizes the sterling silver.  Normal wear and tear with rub some of the blackened surface off which adds to the unique rustic appearance of this piece.



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